Big Boxed Sets

October 24, 2013

Since most of the online retailers are deleting and filtering and generally fucking around with erotic books, I’m releasing two big boxed sets. They’re the same dirty stories you love, in a gentler package. And, to make it even better, they’re both under a dollar for a limited time!


Bad Girls Go Everywhere – 15 Stories


Breaking Down, Confessions of a High School Slut: Super Sweet Eighteen & Wild Weekend, Fast Lane, Horny Hitchhiker, Occupy Me, Rubbed the Right Way, Santa’s Slutty Helper, Sex with the Senator, Speed Limit, Spread ‘Em, The Accidental Orgy, The Accidental Stripper, The Accidental Swinger, The Accidental Whore, Tramp Stamp

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Totally Taboo – 12 Stories


Breed Me Daddy, Daddy May I?, Daddy’s Christmas Gift, Daddy’s Halloween Treat, Father Figure, Grounded by Daddy, Her Two Daddies, Our Little Secret, Spank Me Daddy, Split Decision, Watch Me Daddy, Welcome Home Daddy

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Read A Dirty Ebook This Week! And next week… and the one after that

March 3, 2013

In celebration of “Read an Ebook Week 2013,” all of my books available through Smashwords will be 50% off from March 3-9. All you have to do is pick the book (or books) you want and then enter the code REW50 before you check out.


In addition, two books will be free for the entire week. Just use the code RW100.

Freebies are:

breedmedaddycover_jasminedayne_thumb accidentalorgycover_jasminedayne_thumb


She’ll do anything for to make her “Daddy” happy, even if it involves breeding

February 16, 2013

Abe wants a baby and Frannie can at least try to give him one in my brand new story, Breed Me, Daddy. All it takes is a lot of unprotected sex.

Here’s a little sample:

breedmedaddycover_jasminedayne_thumb“I want you, Abe.”

He growled. Actually growled. “Oh, Frannie. You don’t know what you’re saying.”

“I do. Look at me. Feel me. I know what I want.”

“You don’t have to do this to make me feel better. You don’t owe me this.”

“It’s not about that. I think I’ve always wanted you, just never let myself think about it. But there’s nothing in our way now. No reason to stop.”

“There are a million reasons to stop.”

“None that matter. And don’t tell me you don’t want it. I can feel you do.”

“Good god, girl. Anyone in his right mind would kill to be with you. But we’re family and this is wrong.”

“We’ll always be family. But all that’s left of your marriage is paperwork. That means nothing compared to our feelings. We’re just two adults who care about each other. And car for each other. Don’t you love me, Abe?”

He looked deep into my eyes and answered just how I needed him too, with a long, slow, soulful kiss I could feel from my head to my toes. Abe pulled back to yank my shirt off over my head and then tumbled us both off the couch onto the floor. He crouched over me and took his shirt off too and then kissed me again, letting whole length of his body lay on top of me, his full weight on me. I loved it. From the heated kiss to the tickle of his chest hair to the insistent push of his cock against me it was perfect and out control and foreign and familiar all at once.

I’d had a whole plan, a way things would progress but I threw it out and said the only thing I could. “Fuck me, Abe. Fuck me now.”

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Looking for more sexy stories that keep it in the (step) family? Try Watch Me, Daddy or one of my Daddy’s Girls collections.


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